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Our service gives you better result and savings, as per your requirement and you can manage your investments from anywhere either from home or work place, at any time.

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It’s a simple way to start your investment.You don’t need a deep wallet to start behoof. Pick an amount from ₦10,000 and above, and build your behoof over time.




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frentine Fund provides a straightforward and transparent mechanism to attract investments and make more profits and cashout every week

Enter Investment Amount


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We give you the opportunity to earn money by recommending our website to others. You can start earning money even if you do not invest. Promote our website wherever you are. Create posts on online forums and social networks. Remember to use the referral link. Build your structure and receive a commission from three levels whenever someone makes a deposit. Earnings from the affiliate program are immediately available in the account balance. You can invest or withdraw funds at any time.

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Refferal Commmission and Membership Levels are of 3 levels as below


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Depositing or withdrawing money is simple.We support several payment methods.

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We have many happy investors that invests with us .Some impresions from our Customers! Please read some of the lovely things our Customers say about us.

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frentine Fund is a secured sports betting hedge funds with a flexible payment plan and withdrawal.
It is totally free to open an account but the dashboard will be inactive unless subscribed to a plan.
All stored data on our servers remains protected via encryption technology all the time. All account related transactions done by our clients are mediated exclusively via secured internet connections.
You can open as many accounts as you want.
The minimum investment amount in frentine Fund is ₦10,000
The maximum investment amount in frentine Fund is ₦250,000
Investment on frentine Fund is 100% secured and return on investment is sure on every payment day.
The minimum amount to withdraw in frentine Fund is ₦10,000
The maximum amount to withdraw in frentine Fund is unlimited
It typically takes 2 hours for frentine Fund to credit an investor.
You can share your referral link by copying it on your dashboard and sharing it with your friends, family and to the general public.
You can make money sharing your referral link when your referrals invest on our platform. You get 5% direct refferal, 3% second line and 2% third line referral bonus.
You can earn from our referral program withour investing, provided that your refferal (s) invest on our platform.
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